Short Story Contests

I know this isn’t the normal experience, but I just finished participating in the Write Practice’s Spring Contest, and it was great fun! I say that it wasn’t the normal experience because it began with critique groups to workshop our stories. We had about a two week period to post, critique, revise, repost, critique some more, revise some more, and repeat. It was a more focused work environment than I’d participated in lately, and I loved the confidence build of writing something new and seeing it shape into a quality story in that short of a time. I find it easy to get stuck in revising the work that I already have, so I liked the reminder to keep writing new stories too. In the end, I probably overworked the story, but when I come back to it in a few weeks to revise it again, it will be a good place to build from. It will be published on Short Fiction Break, so I’ll post a link on this site when that happens. Update: Here is the link!

So, now to just keep writing something new, and somehow find time to revise it all as well. So much to do!