First Short Story Published!

Today is the day that I can call myself a published author! Short Fiction Break has published my first short story. It is a story about a man fleeing destruction and facing challenges from the past along with challenges from those around him. It fits into a larger collection that I’ve written and hopefully it will be the first of those to be published! Here is the link to it, if anyone would like to check it out:


First Short Story Accepted!

I think that all writers realize that they’ll get a lot of rejections, and I’ve followed that norm. I’ll admit that at times I despaired about every having a story accepted by a literary magazine, so I was surprised and thrilled to get an email last week from Short Fiction Break literary magazine accepting my first short story! It is set to come out on July 7th, and I am really looking forward to updating the fiction page here with a link to the story on their site. I have stories submitted at MANY other lit mags, and this has given me some renewed hope that some good news will come from those other stories as well!

Short Story Contests

I know this isn’t the normal experience, but I just finished participating in the Write Practice’s Spring Contest, and it was great fun! I say that it wasn’t the normal experience because it began with critique groups to workshop our stories. We had about a two week period to post, critique, revise, repost, critique some more, revise some more, and repeat. It was a more focused work environment than I’d participated in lately, and I loved the confidence build of writing something new and seeing it shape into a quality story in that short of a time. I find it easy to get stuck in revising the work that I already have, so I liked the reminder to keep writing new stories too. In the end, I probably overworked the story, but when I come back to it in a few weeks to revise it again, it will be a good place to build from. It will be published on Short Fiction Break, so I’ll post a link on this site when that happens. Update: Here is the link!

So, now to just keep writing something new, and somehow find time to revise it all as well. So much to do!