Rewriting, again

Erase this? Are you crazy! my mind rebels, whenever I sit down to rewrite a sceneI’ve rewritten scenes any number of times now, but every time that I start to do it again, I have a moment of panic. Maybe it’s not perfect, but what if I don’t come up with something better! my mind traitorously speaks. Then, after I hit the delete button, my mind continues to berate me/itself, gloating, Well now you’ve done it, and I’m just not going to come up with any ideas 😡! But what I’ve learned by now, is that whatever part of my mind rebels stains the work of rewriting is really a part that is easily beaten, and soon, it moves from this 😡, to this 😞, to this 🤔. And then, the ideas start to flow, while I’m just along for the ride, until finally, we together get to this 😎, in hopes of this 🤑 : )